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Happy working, Happy living
Published: MAY 12,2022

With a crisp breeze in May, we ushered in our quarterly group building activities, our aim is: happy work, happy life. Appropriate leisure not only regulates work pressure, but also creates a relaxed working atmosphere, enhances the unity and collaboration among the team and better serves our customers.

Enjoy the beauty first!

The gentlemen boys did the kitchen work, and the girls had fun!

After lunch, it was entertainment time, the company organized a series of exciting activities including hot Wheels, ballon relay race, blindfolded competition and so on.

The best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people. There is a story all the way back, a firm step and a clear distance.

The sun is warm, live up to the time. 

A way forward, a future to look forward to! The reunion came to a successful end. 


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